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Survey Report on Expatriate Compensation, Policies & Practices - US


Survey-based data that will enable you to compare your company’s policies with data contributed by a diverse range of multinational U.S. companies that have extensive experience in international compensation.

Detailed information is provided on special incentives and relocation policies for U.S. expatriates, inpatriates and third country nationals, including coverage of:

  • Cost of living allowances and foreign service premiums
  • Mobility and relocation allowances
  • Housing and utilities allowances
  • Hardship and danger pay differentials
  • Exchange rate protection
  • Company cars
  • Temporary living expenses and house hunting trips
  • Shipment and storage of household goods
  • Furnishing for foreign housing
  • Home sale and home rental assistance
  • Language and cultural courses
  • Home and vacation leave
  • Tax protection and tax equalization
  • Club memberships
  • Tax preparation and other financial advice services
  • Child care and education allowances
  • More!
Determine how your company’s international employment "vital statistics" stack up to other companies in the global marketplace. Included will be information on:
  • The number of employees involved with administering global HR programs
  • The costs associated with the administration of the program(s)
  • The number of expatriates, inpatriates and TCNs currently employed
  • Length of expatriate assignments
  • Criteria used to select and recruit expatriates


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