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Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report


This report is a comprehensive global compensation and benefits planning tool for companies operating in disparate markets and multicultural legislative environments. The report is designed to help companies establish a consistent global compensation strategy and ensure compliance with local laws and practices.

Information is presented as a snapshot of statutory benefits and market practice. A salary structure which presents salary and benefits by different job levels, based on Towers Watson's proprietary Global Grading System (GGS).

The report covers 60 countries from the following regions:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Central, Eastern, and Western Europe
  • Africa and the Middle East
  • North, South, and Central America

The report is organized by region and by country, with each country chapter covering the following sections:

Country Background

  • Socio-economic environment
  • Employment market
  • Reward environment
  • Key statistics

Compensation Trend

  • Salary increase
  • Variable pay


  • Social securities
  • Mandatory employee benefits
  • Company benefits practice
  • Perquisites

Global Salary Structure

  • Basic Guaranteed Compensation, variable payment presented by Global Grades

In addition, the report provides:

  • Regional and country comparisons on net and gross salaries
  • Inter-country wealth comparisons showing the relative buying power across the considered countries


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